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At JG Project Support, we offer a comprehensive range of electrical engineering services, from design to maintenance. Our experienced professionals work closely with clients to provide customized, durable and reliable solutions. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and service while completing each project on time and on budget. Also choose JG Project Support, your reliable partner in electrical engineering.

Fire and evacuation systems

Protect your premises and occupants with our state-of-the-art fire and evacuation systems. We provide fast and effective response in emergency situations, with safety first.

Emergency and evacuation lighting

Ensure safe and efficient evacuation with our emergency and evacuation lighting. Our solutions illuminate exits and escape routes during emergencies, which is crucial for people's safety.

Electrical installations

From design to realization, we offer reliable and efficient electrical installations to suit your specific needs and requirements, with attention to quality, safety and durability.

Switching and distribution devices

We design and install high-quality switchgear for safe and efficient power distribution. Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of your project.

Intrusion detection systems

Protect your property with our advanced intrusion detection systems. We offer effective and reliable security solutions to prevent burglary and theft.

Construction and home renovation

Our electrical engineering expertise ensures the smooth and successful completion of your addition, expansion, new construction or home renovation projects. We ensure a worry-free process.

JG Project Support

We also inspect all your low-voltage electrical installations


NEN1010 inspection low voltage electrical installations
If you, as the owner of the installation, want to demonstrate that your electrical installation is responsible and safe, you can do so with the NEN 1010 inspection. The NEN 1010 inspection is a one-time inspection of new or completely renewed low-voltage electrical equipment. You will receive a comprehensive inspection report from us. Your insurance company is increasingly requiring a NEN 1010 audit.

NEN3140 Inspection of existing low voltage electrical installations 
As an installer or plant owner, you naturally want to ensure the safety of your electrical installation. Are you an employer? Then of course you want to ensure a safe working environment. By checking your electrical installation (at regular intervals) according to the inspection of NEN 3140, you help to keep your electrical installation in good condition and prevent dangerous situations such as fire and the risk of electric shock. The inspection gives a picture of the risks's and ensures that they are prevented in time.


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